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INVEST GLOBAL BUSINESS SARL (I.G.B) is a company incorporated under Ivorian law which, with the advent of digital technology, this modern and efficient information tool, has chosen its use for its social activity.

This revolutionary information technology is now used in all human activities, especially in the world economy for the communicative aspect.


INVEST GLOBAL BUSINESS SARL, in its desire to make its existence, its activity, its products known to a greater number of people, has chosen the combination of classic commerce and online sales. This peculiarity which distinguishes it from other companies is the best way to present itself to customers and at the same time makes it possible to satisfy any customer whatever their place of residence.


I.G.B SARL, offers local products (made in Ivory Coast) available on the list and delivers these products by reliable and diligent operators to customers in record time on order.

Deliveries are made in just a few hours, or even immediately, especially for orders for local products.

After a few weeks from the date of the order for products of foreign origin. A relatively short time in the event of stock depletion. The online sale of high quality products as well as basic necessities helps meet customer requirements and needs.

THE. Trade, accompanied by an efficient and immediate home delivery service, where to a specific convenient location for the customer is a reality today in Ivory Coast and throughout the African continent.


Some of the Products that are displayed on the website, the Company's showcase par excellence, are of varied foreign origin such as:

  • Products made in Côte d'Ivoire, from some African countries, Products from Europe in general and in particular from Italy; a European country whose products are much appreciated for their indisputable, indisputable and undisputed quality, the generalized know-how recognized internationally is no secret. The talent and genius of Italian craftsmen and manufacturers is also well established.
  • Products from Asia, North America, and all over the world offer an opportunity of wise choice.


INVEST GLOBAL BUSINESS SARL also operates in the service sector.

Bringing business and investors, the IGB SARL Company does intermediation and research work, creates opportunities for meetings between available capital and African inventors who are numerous and who are desperately looking for very rare funding. unfortunately in Africa to create and develop their business.

These African creators and geniuses in dire need of substantial financial means have an imperative to make themselves known.

To support and enable these geniuses essential to the development of the Continent, the Company offers a space for business announcements to those concerned.



Other useful services are offered, specifically:

  • Assistance and the establishment of administrative documents for people who live abroad and need an administrative document;
  • surface cleaning services: offices, health facilities, hotels, factories;
  • Staff services for gardening and security work; Car rental, rental and reservation of residences for vacationers, rental of homes, industrial infrastructure, reservation in tourist, resort and pleasure structures.
Kouole Hyacinthe
Kouole Hyacinthe

Directeur Général
fondateur de Invest Global Business Sarl

Précédemment :
Directeur Général de Italafric sarl Côte D’Ivoire
employé chargé de la gestion des clients et des fournisseurs notamment des relations avec les banques chez Iteras srl Italie.